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Tradeteam has worked hard to develop a menu of services that will satisfy all of its customer's needs. Whether it's providing warehousing and storage, primary and secondary transport or a whole range of added value services that include import services, customs management or waste re-cycling, Tradeteam has the answer.

Customer Satisfaction = Customer Retention. It's a simple equation and Tradeteam has worked hard to develop a service solution that will achieve just this. It is never an 'off the shelf' solution but it offers enough flexibility to enable customers to take advantage of a package designed specifically for their business needs.

  • Warehousing and Storage

    Warehousing and Storage

    Tradeteam's UK network of stockholding sites are all managed by the developed, Radio Frequencey (RF) enabled Calidus Warehouse Management System (WMS). The Radio Frequecey Terminals provide wireless updates to the WMF via the use of barcode scanners. …

  • Primary Distribution

    Primary and Secondary Distribution

    Tradeteam's distribution network supports both the 'On' & 'Off' trade with more than 20,000 deliveries through the secondary network and 1,500 deliveries via the primary transport operation each week. …

  • Added Value Services

    Added Value Services

    This allows customers to choose from a whole host of options which are tailored towards their specific needs and which include …

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Long term, the only way for Tradeteam to succeed in the UK drinks market is to offer sustainable, quantifiable value to its customers by regularly assessing their requirements and by taking a proactive stance to developing new and innovative services. …

  • IT

    Information Technology

    All Tradeteam operations (Primary and Secondary) are supported by a single set of integrated systems thus providing the benefits of a shared user network. …

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